Frequently Asked Questions

How long do orders take?

Typically, orders will take 5-7 business days to produce from the time your order is placed until it will be shipped. If you request AR-EN to do a proof of your order, production could take longer depending on your response time.

Can you match PMS colors?

No, we can are not able to match PMS colors. Foil colors are set by their manufacturers, we just buy them.

Where do I send custom artwork?

Note that you can upload custom art to our new and improved product customizer. However, if you are having trouble or would like assistance, please submit vector art saved as AI, EPS, or high quality PDF file to: - an email confirmation will be sent informing you that we received your art and if it is usable or not.

Copy is cut off in the preview, will it print like this?

If your copy appears to be cut off please reduce the overall size or move the copy position so the full text appears. All copy will be reviewed and corrected for visual balance and sized to fit in its entirety.

What is vector art?

Vector art is created by geometric design of graphics, whereas raster graphics or jpegs are formed from individual squares called pixels. Almost all graphic designers use vector software to create designs, so please make sure you communicate your needs for the vector file when submitting your art.

How much does custom artwork cost?

All custom artwork is subjected to a plate fee of $27.50 NET. This allows up to 8 square inches of space. If artwork exceeds this, an additional $2/square inch charge will be incurred for the manufacturing of a larger plate.

How can I find out if my package has been shipped?

Click on "My Account" and view the recent orders page. If the status is "shipped", you may click on the tracking link and will be redirected to the appropriate tracking site for further details.

How can I send a proof?

Click on the "My Account" toggle and then "Saved Designs". Find the image you want to send to your customer and click the Proof toggle. Enter your customer email address and a short message and click send. You can only send one customer a proof at a time and only one proof per email.

What is the price of an item?

Price lists can be downloaded from the "My Account" area by selecting the "Price List" tab.

Is there a rush charge?

Yes, the rush charge is $25.00 NET and your order must ship overnight. A rush order is an order that needs to ship in 4 business days or less OR you can not select the desired in-hands date on the calendar.

Is there a charge to drop ship?

No, you may "drop ship" for no charge, but if the address is wrong, a $15.50 change fee will be incurred.

Can I supply my own paper/napkin stock?

Yes, you may supply your own stock, however there is no discount from the listed prices.

Grammar: proper possessive form

Grammar can be tricky, but follow these guidelines to ensure you have a happy customer:

If your client's name ends in "S", there are two correct ways to indicate the possessive form: "The Ross' Beach House" (recommended), or "The Rosses Beach House"

Retail vs. Wholesale: What is the difference?

Wholesale is the price that you as a dealer pay. Retail is the marked-up price of what you sell.